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Since 1991, Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH has offered mitigation products for natural hazards. Our product spectrum covers the following areas:

In addition, Trumer Schutzbauten also offers custom design and production of specialized solutions to meet the needs of individual clients and difficult sites. This includes, for example, securing individual blocks or outcrops or protection from high-velocity debris.

"Safety by Competence" is the core philosophy of Trumer Schutzbauten as we offer our clients solutions based on decades of experience -both from testing and practical application- protecting life, urban areas and infrastructure from natural and anthropogenic induced hazards.

"Safety without Compromise" is the promise we make to our clients that every system developed by Trumer Schutzbauten has the highest level of safety, achieved by an intensive research and development program based on practical experience and realistic conditions.

No compromising also means that only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of our systems. It means that much thought has gone into the design and function of the system, including the ease of installation and its maintenance. The outcome is systems that you can rely on not only for the first time it is impacted but for many years afterwards. After all, there can be no compromise when it comes to safety.

All of our products undergo extensive testing and are certified according to the most stringent industry standards. Full scale testing is carried out at the Erzberg test facilities in Austria. The testing of single components and for quality assurance (according to ISO 9001:2008) is undertaken at our production site in Obertrum, near Salzburg. Because of the excellent equipment and infrastructure at these sites, companies other than Trumer also take advantage of these facilities for the testing and documentation of their own products.

Trumer Schutzbauten has its roots in the area surrounding Salzburg, Austria where "SAFETY BY COMPETENCE" has proudly hangs above our gates. But with the opening of a sales office in Fürth/Germany and subsidiaries TRUMER SCHUTZBAUTEN CANADA LTD. in Vancouver/Canada and und TRUMER NORTH AMERICA INC. in Seattle/USA, Trumer Schutzbauten GmbH is rapidly growing and bringing its innovation and expertise to the world stage.